Pre-holiday blahs

Here in Iowa, we're kind of in the teenager time of the year- not quite winter (adult), but definitely too cold for fall (pre-teen).  I *just* finished digging up the last of my dahlia tubers, and am thinking about getting a few more bulbs to plant.  All of my usual online sources are sold out, so I'll be finishing our tulips, daffys and hyacinths with stock from Lowes or Menards.  The glamour.  I do have some ranunculus and anemones from Floret(!), so I'd better get those in the ground ASAP..  

Apparently, my incessant bitching about the big garden has paid off- my dad is going to cover the whole thing with a load of compost, so that is amazing.  Having an uncle who is a complete hippie is paying dividends. Thank you Uncle Spoony.  The whoa! fertile soil means I'll be moving my dahlias back over to the big garden, so that's awesome.  

This is what I think about at 3AM.  Pictures from a styled shoot I worked on last month are coming soon.  <3  

Weddings 2017, part 2

In no particular order.

Pictures by Melissa Cervantes Photography, Brandy Swartz Photography, and Rebecca Bender Photography.  Best photographers in eastern Iowa/western Illinois (and that is an understatement).

We made it

Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are our two genuinely huge holidays.  Valentine's is basically the 13th and the 14th of February... but Mother's Day is over the whole WEEK preceding the holiday.  So, if we're politely surly the day after these, keep in mind that we have stared into the MOUTH OF HELL.  

That being said, we had a VERY, very good Valentine's Day.  It's just that we all want to DIE at the moment.  

Hello... hello... hello... is there anybody in there?

Well, first off, I don't particularly care for Pink Floyd, so there's that.  BAD experience with an old boyfriend that thought the Floyd was the Second Coming (the baby Jesus, not the criminally maligned second Stone Roses album), and I still get a bit twitchy at The Wall.  

Okay, that was random.  Welcome to Clara's Garden, the coolest little flower shop in Iowa.  My name is Jen Hinson, and my beloved mother, Meredith, owns the Garden.  She's the brains and I'm the hustle.  She's the money, and I'm the mouth.  She's the DJ, and I'm the rapper. We're both screaming pinko feminist liberals, so if you're a customer of the opposite political persuasion, I would tell you to approach these posts with caution.  Don't want to offend my fives of readers. 

Also, I sometimes refer to Ma as "Ethel."  Don't ask me.  I'm prone to nickname people. My dad is strictly "Johnno" or the "cranky old codger."  He's not really old. 

You may notice that concept of the rules of grammar is sporadic here.  One of my English teacher friends once told me that I have a "distinctive voice." That's my story, and sticking to it and all that. (I never bothered paying attention to the parts of speech bits in elementary school, because I couldn't be bothered)

That's about enough insufferable for today, so onto the link-o-rama.  

-If you are on Twitter, follow Jason Isbell and his wife Amanda Shires.  They are talented and hilarious. 

-Teen Vogue rocks our socks.  Go on ladies! 

-Our big cool friend, Linda Doan of Aunt Willie's Wildflowers, is such a purely kind and gentle lady, and was just a delight to get to know at her "Happily Ever After Workshop."  Honestly, I was more relaxed after the class than after a full workup at the spa.  Her Instagram is awesome.  
Till next time, y'all.  Play nice with others.