A little weekend R&R

Made a quick jaunt to Chicago to see the lovely Ali from Hidden Hive Flowers, and sweet Natasha Chortos from Floramere, two of my very most favorite people I met at the Floret Wildflower Summer Intensive.  Natasha was in town with her Viking, er, hubby, having gone to growers school in Madison, WI.  It was utterly fantastic to see them, and I'll write more about the weekend later.  

Before I caught the train out to Woodstock, I headed to my Zen center, The Art Institute of Chicago... after I walked through democracy in action, a HUGE protest against the current administration.  It was moving beyond words to see women in hijab, persons of every shape, color and persuasion banding together to fight for what is right.  Then I looked up and saw posters with AL-EX-AN-DER Hamilton and the pride of Mt. Vernon, General George Washington "watching" the group move by.  And then I cried, right there on the street.  *throws apron over head and flees room*