Pre-holiday blahs

Here in Iowa, we're kind of in the teenager time of the year- not quite winter (adult), but definitely too cold for fall (pre-teen).  I *just* finished digging up the last of my dahlia tubers, and am thinking about getting a few more bulbs to plant.  All of my usual online sources are sold out, so I'll be finishing our tulips, daffys and hyacinths with stock from Lowes or Menards.  The glamour.  I do have some ranunculus and anemones from Floret(!), so I'd better get those in the ground ASAP..  

Apparently, my incessant bitching about the big garden has paid off- my dad is going to cover the whole thing with a load of compost, so that is amazing.  Having an uncle who is a complete hippie is paying dividends. Thank you Uncle Spoony.  The whoa! fertile soil means I'll be moving my dahlias back over to the big garden, so that's awesome.  

This is what I think about at 3AM.  Pictures from a styled shoot I worked on last month are coming soon.  <3