PARIS! (not Texas)

I haven't purchased the tickets yet, but in January, I will be going to Paris for a long weekend. OH MY GOD I'M GOING TO PARIS FOR 3 DAYS (the vacation packages are insanely cheap right now because January- like I paid more for my plane ticket to + car rental in Charlotte). I have a shoestring budget, but am planning on eating nicely once, and buying a bottle of perfume. That's it. This is for inspiration only. 


I'm either staying in Monmarte or St. Germain (oh my LORD), and plan to hit Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Musee d'Orsay, Musee d' Orangerie, the top of the Printemps store for the views, and Pierre Herme for the Ispahan macrons. (ISPAHAN MACRONS). Probably not the Louvre this time (THIS TIME) because it's so huge. My French is ok enough- I know how to ask where the toilet is, politely demand un cafe s'il vous plait and order in a restaurant. I am assuming my accent is completely appalling because my accent is completely appalling in IOWA.


Advice? Places to go? Ways to get real fluent, real fast?