Jen Hinson


Jen Hinson

Even though winter is always long here in Iowa, I'm really struggling with just feeling heavy.  Of course, I found two lumps in my breast last month, and just had them yanked out last weekend.  SO that could account for the sadness.  (they're almost for sure benign)  

I've always had weird health stuff happen to me, but it seems to be ratcheting up over the past few years.  Due to my liver condition, I don't drink- though I miss it dearly sometimes, especially when our esteemed leader starts waving the nuclear button around.  I can't eat a lot of salt (WHICH IS WHAT REALLY MAKES ME MAD), or have any really great sushi because one bad piece could quite literally kill me.  

However, things could be worse.  My docs have always patched me up, and I have food, shelter and a warm place to rest, a job I love, and that feeds my soul.  And I am a Good Friend- lots of people don't have that comfort. 

Also, with evey subzero day, millions of those damn Japanese beetle larvae die, so my roses may bloom unbothered in the spring.  AND THAT'S SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR.