Jen Hinson

Paige and Lane

Jen Hinson
Paige and Lane

This sweet August wedding hit all sorts of high points.  Paige and her mom Janet were very low-key, but knew what elements were the most important to them.  The name on everyone's lips was DAHLIAS, so I knew I had to call my girls Jennifer O'Neal at PepperHarrow Farm, and Jennifer Hobbs at Five Petal Farm (yes, there are a LOT of flower women named Jennifer).  PepperHarrow is located in Winterset, Five Petal in North Liberty and I'll take any excuse to drive over to get flowers.  These ladies grow the prettiest flowers in the Upper Midwest. 

Dahlias and assorted other fleurs in hand, we started creating lush, romantic and over-the-top arrangements and bouquets.  We even had a bike to decorate!  Mom, Karen and Annie did an amazing job on that project.  Poor Sara got roped into helping me with the huge installations, and I'm pretty sure the air over Barn On the Ridge is still blue from the obscenities emerging from my mouth.  (I love making installations, but sometimes they don't love me)

Paige and Lane had so many thoughtful touches, from using her grandmother's china, to their presents for each other.  They wanted to include Lane's daughters as much as they could, and the little girls were utterly delighted.  (I'd be utterly delighted too if I was that darling) 
According to Paige- "Our wedding was a representation of us becoming a family. We even placed rings on their fingers during the ceremony." 

Brandy Swartz just NAILED the photography- she's one of the best photographers working at the moment.  Paige says, "My other favorite moment was when we walked to the edge of the water to have a moment to pray together, the sun came out from behind the clouds, and stayed out the rest of the evening!"  Brandy's stunning photography shows how magical this day truly was for the happy couple, their friends and families.