Drive-By Truckers, Hamilton, weddings and the Weimar Republic

It's been a lazy June at the Garden, though July-September are going to be absolute shitshows.  14 weddings in 12 weeks, and we have 3 "off" weekends, too.  On the off weekend in July, I'm going to Indy with my brother to see our beloved Drive-By Truckers, so that's way exciting!  AND Ma and I are going to HAMILTON on Saturday.  I'm not even allowing myself to think about it because I wouldn't get a THING done tomorrow, and I have to order flowers for 4 weddings.  Gulp.  Man, I'm telling you- growing a lot of our own product has REALLY cut down on our wholesale bill.  

But all of this activity/stress is nothing.  The great evil that is currently taking place down on the border with Mexico is just sickening.  Those poor babies/kiddos/teens, and their parents- gah.  The Orange Menace and cohorts are going to be reincarnated as dung beetles, and even that's too good for them.  Tapeworms?   Maybe.  They're evil, full stop.  Who could do that?  The whole thing smacks of the post-fall Weimar Republic, and I... would I leave? Or stay and fight for what is true and right and loving and kind?  I think the latter.